Sahiwal Cows

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  1. Desi breed sahiwal cow

    sahiwal cows are very popular across the globe owing to their outstanding milk production, adaptability to different types of environment, great longevity and pleasing phenotypic characteristics. Holstein cows produce around 23,000 pounds of milk in each lactation cycle. With average weight of 580 kgs, these cows originally came in black & white or red & white color, however, these days, the red variety is only seen in very few numbers.
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  2. Sahiwal Cows

    Sahiwal Cows are most commonly used for dairy production purpose and are generally known to have coppery color. They belong to the breed of zebu cattle mainly required for milk production. These cows can produce up to 4000 litres of milk during their whole lactation period and are known to be the top dairy breeds in India. They are highly appreciated for their high milk producing capacity and resistance from tick borne disease.
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  3. Sahiwal Cows Cattle

    Sahiwal Cows are known to have great milk producing capacity with good resistance from tick borne disease. It has massive hump with muscular body and average weight of mature animal is about 425 kilograms. This cattle also has big size udder and short & thick horns. Milk produced by this cow breed has good nutritional value with about 4.5% fat content.
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  4. Sahiwal Breed Cows

    Sahiwal Breed Cows are a breed of dairy cattle originating from central region of Punjab that lies on the Indian-Pakistan border. They are highly appreciated for their high heat tolerance, making them suitable to be used draught animals. These cows are a breed of Zebu cattle and are considered as the top milk producer among all zebu breeds. With the average lactation period of about 10 months, they are known to have long teats assuring easy milking.
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